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Let us guide you through non-surgical obesity management.

We educate patients on dietary changes by monitoring your disease processes and figuring our a strategy to better manage your lifestyle.

We want to give you the motivation to make a new lifestyle choice and help you lose weight the healthy way. Below are the services we offer for non-surgery obesity management patients.

Physician-Directed Medical Management of Obesity

At Wellness Life Center, we work hard to maintain a wealth of knowledge regarding the most up to date evidence-based treatments and lifestyle management recommendations.  Our Medical Providers maintain numerous continuing education hours annually studying scientific, evidence-based practices so that we can give you the best possible medical management of Obesity and its co-morbid medical diseases, such as Hypertension, Diabetes, Hypercholesterolemia, Renal Insufficiency, Sleep Apnea, etc. Because of our extensive knowledge, we are able to not only guide our patients’ in appropriate lifestyle modifications, but we are also able to identify, modify, subtract and add additional medications to improve overall metabolic function, and thereby produce healthy weight loss.  

Nutrition/Vitamin Supplementation

We believe the underlying nutritional health of an individual will determine how successful their weight loss and weight maintenance will be.  Without appropriate nutritional intake, there will be holes in your cellular metabolism that reduce your ability to remain at a healthy weight.  For this reason, we work hard to identify and treat underlying nutritional deficiencies.  For many patients, over the counter multivitamins may be all that’s needed.  However, for many others, underlying deficiencies will need to be corrected.  We provide quality supplements for purchase as they are deemed individually necessary for patients.  If prescription treatments are recommended, we will provide this as well.

InBody Composition Analysis Monthly

Most people are unaware that if they follow random fad diets, they are likely to damage their healthy metabolism, which results in the unfortunate increase in unhealthy fat mass over time.  At our Center, we use Body Composition Analysis, which allows us to identify and compare healthy lean mass to unhealthy fat mass.  With this knowledge, we are able to guide your dietary and exercise management in a way that targets fat loss and protects your primary drivers of metabolism, muscle and organ systems.  Each time you perform an InBody scan on our special scales, we will provide you with a graphic print out of your body composition.  We are even able to identify excessive water weight and score the severity of your visceral fat levels (the un-pinchable fat surrounding your internal organs).  

Dietary, Nutritional, and Lifestyle Counseling

Based on the annually updated scientific evidence, we work with each patient, to identify and institute a safe treatment plan unique to the patient.  We typically utilize a modified ketogenic diet, while adjusting, treating and increasing awareness of nutritional needs.  Patient lifestyle counseling spans everything from dietary recommendations, to safe exercise solutions, to caloric monitoring and “tricks” to stay on track and avoid pitfalls.  Our commitment to taking time with our patients, identifying roadblocks, and counseling patients on how to overcome them is something that sets us apart from other programs.  We literally limit the number of patients we see in a day in order to make sure each patient receives the time they need to work through and overcome obstacles to their success.

Monthly Provider Visits with MD/NP

On average, our patients are seen by a provider once per month, although, we can increase or decrease this frequency depending on the individual needs of the patient.  During these visits, our medical providers review the patient’s chronic medical conditions, medications, and response to treatment.  We make it a priority at every visit to spend extra time and effort counseling and teaching our patients regarding lifestyle and dietary modifications. We are continually offering ideas and suggestions to improve our patients’ ability to successfully cope with life’s many obstacles to healthy living.  If our patients are not responding to therapy as expected, then we work closely with each patient to modify their medications and treatment plan to improve their long-term success. 

Weekly Nurse Visits

For those patients who need to be the most aggressive with their treatment plan, we offer weekly visits with our nurses.  At these visits, our nurses evaluate our patients’ response to treatment, including monitoring heart rate, blood pressure, weight, etc.  Our nurses are always ready to answer any questions or identify any problems a patient might be having.  At these nurse visits, patients also receive vitamin based injections, which aid in improving patients’ underlying nutritional and energy state, allowing them to metabolize more efficiently.  

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